Episode 225: Changes With The Seasons Of Your Soul | Amanda Bucci

Episode 225: Changes With The Seasons Of Your Soul

Welcome to this episode of Bucci Radio!

There are just those moments in life that you have a strong intuition that you have to do something immediately. When I walked with Cooper earlier, something connected in me. It might be because of the things that have been going on in my life, or some things really need to be done. We need to have a conversation about it.

Today, we’ll be talking about the season of your brand energetics. Recently, I feel that my brand needs to have a shift, along with the changes that have been happening in the world, and me personally. It’s time to move away from things that I’ve long been sinking in towards new things where my heart wants to be.

In this episode, we’re going to deal with this change. When you’re focused on too many distractions and drowned yourself in massive clutter, you tend to lose sight of what’s important. My desire to scale the business has blinded me from seeing the necessity of putting energy on the things that matter. Looking at the numbers too much can literally drive you crazy. Am I still giving positive and valuable things to them? During our journey to the top, we still have to remember the people we serve. 

After resting for too long in the pandemic, there’s also a point where we have to start picking ourselves up and begin creating again! At the end of the show, I’ll also be telling you what significant changes are in store for the podcast. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for three years now. It’s about time for a well-deserved upgrade.


I’ll catch you all again next time here on Bucci Radio. Stay safe!



  • [02:20] Having the intuition to do something and acting on that thought.
  • [03:40] A major shift in my life. A challenging work environment and losing a solid foundation.
  • [06:01] Paying attention to the shift from within. Shifting business models to the things that matter.
  • [11:02] Being more energized to create new things again. Expect new things! Inviting the Divine Masculine back.
  • [14:13] Accepting this new season of change and taking interest in new ideas.
  • [19:19] What are you called to shift into? What are pretending not to know?
  • [21:40] The new path for Bucci Radio Podcast. Putting energy in the right places.

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