Episode 226: Cultivating Your Inner Leader with 8 Principles | Amanda Bucci
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Episode 226: Cultivating Your Inner Leader with 8 Principles

Welcome to this new SEASON of Bucci Radio!


How we show up matters. The people who are using their voices (you) are shaping the world RIGHT NOW.


This new season of Bucci Radio was created to support you in traversing the high-stakes landscape of digital entrepreneurship that calls upon us to be intentional leaders for our communities.


In this episode, we discuss taking responsibility for change, finding your voice, mirrors in our business and personal life, challenges we have to face to heal, and the 8 Principles of Conscious Leadership that can help us relearn how to better show up for our communities.


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  • [9:15] We are human beings trying to figure out life
  • [10:30] Amanda examines how business vs personal life mirror each other
  • [12:00] Amanda discusses her process with choosing guests and the intention behind it in this season
  • [22:29] How Amanda showed up in her business as a leader in the last few years
  • [26:00] Staying in integrity as a leader and what happens when you’re operating out of integrity
  • [29:57] Going through a healing journey personally and professionally
  • [31:55] Figuring out what we as leaders stand for and how to show up for our creations
  • [31:12] Principle 1: PATIENCE
  • [36:51] Principle 2: COMPASSION
  • [40:35] Principle 3: SAFETY
  • [43:45] Principle 4: INTEGRITY
  • [45:33] Principle 5: SELF RESPONSIBILITY
  • [49:29] Principle 6: HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY
  • [51:33] Principle 7: OTHER ORIENTED
  • [53:11] Principle 8: ENERGY

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