Episode 228: Business Relationship Dynamics, Sex and Psychedelics with Erin Dimond & Jordan Dugger | Amanda Bucci

Episode 228: Business Relationship Dynamics, Sex and Psychedelics with Erin Dimond & Jordan Dugger

Welcome to this new episode of Bucci Radio!


Honesty and authenticity allows you to find your tribe, so long as you open yourself up to handling the pushback of polarization. Today’s guests–Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger–are business coaches who are absolutely pro’s at sharing the authenticity of their personal life online and leading their tribe by example.


Erin Dimond and Jordan Dugger the “mom and dad” of their community — two 7-figure entrepreneurs in the business + fitness space 


In today’s episode we cover:

  • Using authenticity and connection to brand build 
  • The power of personality tests in relationships and teams
  • The parallels between relationships, sex, and business
  • Strategically and vulnerably sharing your personal life 
  • Using psychedelics as a growth tool
  • The power of being polarizing
  • Creating a team that kills it 
  • Ego work for leaders

Check out Erin and Jordan’s program: IFCA

Find Erin and Jordan at @erindimondfitness and @duggaesthetics


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  • [2:16] Jordan and Erin talk about how they struck up a friendship with Amanda and John
  • [6:24] Jordan and Erin break down their personalities as individuals and as a couple in how they serve their communities
  • [14:14] Discussing personality traits and the differences between them
  • [15:00] Amanda asks Jordan what he has learned about Erin being herself
  • [17:00] Visionaries vs. Implentors
  • [21:38] Measuring your self worth on how much you can “do” in a day aka accomplishing tasks
  • [25:00] Erin and Jordan talk sex and their dynamics in the bedroom
  • [27:45] Amanda asks Jordan and Erin how they’ve used their relationship as a learning and teaching opportunity
  • [35:54] Amanda asks Erin and Jordan what they are seeing in the fitness space right now and what they want people to receive from them
  • [48:52] How Erin and Jordan use psychedelics to enhance their business and relationships
  • [53:52] Normalizing psychedelic experiences with your audience
  • [1:01] Amanda asks Jordan and Erin what conscious leadership means to them

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